The Networks:

The Faculty:
Organizational affiliations below are from the close of the Integrator Learning Lab (August 2020) and may have shifted since that time.

*Design/Leadership Team

CRITERIA– Networks were selected for participation in the Integrator Learning Lab based on the following inclusion criteria:

PURPOSE– Ultimately, the purpose of the Learning Lab is to provide teams with an opportunity to learn about promising strategies for launching, catalyzing and sustaining multi-sector population health networks, and to provide teams with technical assistance to apply learning within their own networks through guided action planning. In addition, the Integrator Learning Lab seeks to connect teams to a nation-wide network of peers and experts, which can be leveraged during and beyond the Learning Lab experience.

CONTENT– Networks will participate in the Lab as “leaders and learners”. They will share with, and learn from, one another and from faculty on the following content areas:

BACKGROUND– The goal of this project is to advance the field’s knowledge of the ways that health care can and should contribute to multi-sector networks that advance population-level health goals. Beginning in early 2019, Nemours scanned literature and conducted formal interviews with 40 national experts (representing 30 organizations) who have insights related to integrative roles and functions within multi-sector population health networks, as well as the ways health care is involved in carrying out these roles and functions in support of networks’ shared goals. Themes and recommendations from the interviews were shared with the field March 2020, and were used to inform content and structure of the Integrator Learning Lab.